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Help students find out what makes animals & plants special, how magnets work, the importance of recycling, biology basics, the difference between an acid and a base, how the dinosaurs lived and much more.

You'll find a variety of subjects covered including:
• Computer based technology teaching ideas.
• Crystals, polymers and other chemistry lessons.
• Snow, ice and a range of fun water activities.

Some Facts about Science for Kids

Science facts: Enjoy a wide range of information and fun science facts that are sure to surprise and amaze you.

Technology facts: Check out our cool technology facts featuring robots, cell phones, computers, the Internet and more.

Animal facts: Animals are an endless source of amazing facts. Find out what makes sharks, dogs and other animals so special.

Chemistry facts: Learn more about metals, atoms, elements, solids, liquids and gases with our range of interesting chemistry facts.

Earth facts: Our earth is a fascinating place that is home to such wonders as volcanoes, rivers, deserts and more.

Scientist facts: Find out more about the scientists who changed the world we live in thanks to their research and discoveries.

Space facts: Enjoy our space facts and learn the truth behind some of the mysteries that relate to distant stars and galaxies.

Planet facts: Focus on the planets that share our solar system, read amazing facts about Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and more.

Funny facts: Relax and enjoy the funny side of science with some crazy facts and information that will bring a smile to your face.

ScienceWithMe!® was developed by a mom and dad team of professional scientists who love science and want to pass that love of science onto the next generation. In order to do that, we developed a bundle of science animations, songs, e-books, and science apps for kids, each carefully designed for teaching scientific principles in a fun and engaging way.

Our products are not only great ways to teach science to kids but are also fun activities that kids will actually want to do. All our products are available for immediate download, so there is no waiting around for books or materials to be mailed to your home. This makes creating a lesson plan or filling a rainy day quick and easy.

Our own three kids love the ScienceWithMe!® animations, songs, e-books and apps, and we hope yours will too!

Give your kids the gift of the love of science.