About ScienceWithMe!®

ScienceWithMe! is a fun online hub for science and technology learning resources that your kids would absolutely love!

Gift your child with a thrilling, fun-packed, visual ‘scientific’ joyride! For those kids who frown upon the word science, ScienceWithMe! brings a range of products that will arouse their interest and curiosity in science.

ScienceWithMe!® was developed by a mom and dad team of professional scientists who love science and want to pass that love of science onto the next generation. In order to do that, we developed a bundle of science animations, songs, e-books, and science apps for kids, each carefully designed for teaching scientific principles in a fun and engaging way.

Our own three kids love the ScienceWithMe!® animations, songs, e-books and apps, and we hope yours will too! Give your kids the gift of the love of science.

How We Started

Our Story

our story

Initially, we started ScienceWithMe as an after school science program in 2003. Science is our passion and we want to pass on that passion to your kids through these easy to use science learning resources!

Our Free Resources

Science Activity Workbooks!

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Sign up and get instant access to our free activity filled e-books and workbooks. Comic strips, fun experiments, worksheets, coloring sheets and scientific articles contained in them will definitely excite your child!


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Learning scienctific concepts in an entertaining way is a novel idea. You have chosen the right platform that will provide your child a scientific edge and help them learn more about the amazing world of science.


Latest Articles

Chemical Reactions

Learn About Chemical Reactions

Thousands of chemical reactions occur around us everyday. But we don’t realize most of them. These reactions can be replicated through simple tricks using available resources.


Child’s Interest in Science

How to Spark Your Child’s Interest in Science

Encourage, inspire and motivate your child in whatever creative endeavour he attempts. This will stimulate his desire to know more and learn the curious aspects of Science.



Experiment : How do I Make a Sunset?

The sun changes its colour from yellow to orange during sunset. Why is this so? Learn and understand the principle behind this phenomenon with a simple experiment.


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What We Have For Your Kids


Animations – Get lively animated characters to teach your child science.


Songs – Scientific aspects are reinforced through a song.

Story book

Sing-a-long storybooks – Let your child learn and enjoy scientific basics in the form of stories.


E-books – Expose your child to the world of plants, animals, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy and Earth Sciences.

Coloring book

Coloring Books – Coloring helps your kid understand the colors of living entities, like blood, hair, skin, plants, etc.


Worksheets – Evaluate your child’s learning with the help of short tests, quizzes, etc.

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