Give Your Child an Academic Advantage with the Fun, Easy, Visual way for children to learn science!


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megabundleIs your child struggling with science? Do you worry about their future if they don't establish a strong base in science? Are your schools failing to properly prepare your children in science?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then it’s time for ScienceWithMe!®. Research shows that students who opt out of math or science as early as middle school drastically limit their career choices.

Developed by Dr. Elva O’Sullivan and Prof. Scott Rickard for their own 3 children, the ScienceWithMe!® MegaBundle is a fun, easy, visual way to engage children between the ages of 3 and 11, in science. The MegaBundle will help boost your child’s grades, confidence and interest in science!

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Advantage #1: Animations: Kids learn best when having fun and ScienceWithMe!® is loaded with over a dozen catchy animations for kids preschool through age 11.

5-senses-animation     honeybee-animation     butterfly-aniamtion      skeleton-Animation

Parental involvement in childhood education is shown to be one of the most critical factors in educational success. All of our materials are created to help parents interact with their children exploring the wonderful world of science…together!

Strengthen your child’s abilities to reason, think creatively and solve problems in this technologically advanced world. Watch the doors to your child’s future open as they learn to apply what they have learned in other aspects of their educational lives!

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Science For KidsAdvantage #2: SONGS:  What kid doesn't love to sing?  Learning and retention is reinforced through song. Don't be shy, join in on the jingle and enjoy the learning process together!


Imagine the fun your child will have learning science through fabulously illustrated Sing A-Long Storybooks and Coloring Books.  A world of learning opens to them with a click of the mouse!

Science For kidsscience for kids

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Advantage #5: The ScienceWithMe® MegaBundle.

The ScienceWithMe!® MegaBundle includes over a dozen Collections that teach key scientific concepts in a visual, entertaining, easy to understand, memorable and stress free way.  Each collection includes an Animation, Sing-A-Long Storybook, Coloring Book and Song!  Students learn about anatomy including the ear, eye, heart, skeleton, joints, blood, as well as the life cycle of the butterfly, different forms of energy, scientific units and much more!

ScienceWithMe!® MegaBundle  works well whether you are:

  • A homeschool parent looking for materials to teach science effectively.
  • A busy parent looking for ways to supplement your child’s classroom learning.
  • A teacher looking for a new and fresh way to open your students’ minds.

Your student(s) WILL benefit from this program.

The ScienceWithMe!® MegaBundle inspires children to actively seek out opportunities to do Science! Can you imagine having kids constantly ASKING for science?

And of course, the earlier you start the better! WANT MORE?

By placing your order today, we’re willing to give you the entire ScienceWithMe!® MegaBundle... over $120 in science learning materials if purchased  separately, for just $59. These products are all yours, for a limited time at more than a 50% discount!

Why are we doing this? We want to get this program into as many hands as possible so that parents can spread the word of their successes with ScienceWithMe!®

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Meet Elva and Scott, the Science Starters! Elva and Scott’s own children Loghlen, Luke & Leah love the ScienceWithMe!® MegaBundle, and we know yours will too!

Still not sure of you should buy the ScienceWithMe!® MegaBundleConsider this!

  • Recommended by homeschoolers, parents and educators.
  • Useful for children from preschool through young teens.
  • Teaches scientific concepts using simple language that makes sense to even the youngest learners.
  • Presents science using memorable characters with beautiful visuals that reinforce key concepts.
  • Stimulates, connects and appeals across a wide spectrum of learning styles.
  • Makes science easy for kids to learn and retain through animations, cartoons, music, rhymes and songs.
  • Helps children learn, understand and remember key scientific concepts and terminology.
  • Helps children develop logic and problem solving skills and an understanding of the world around them.
  • Helps children develop an excitement to solve real world problems.

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Give your child the academic advantage.  Don’t waste another day! The ScienceWithMe!® MegaBundle is available for immediate download. There is no waiting around for the materials to arrive at your home. Create your lesson plans or fill a rainy day activity TODAY!

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Advantage #6:  For those still not sure! Flexible Purchase Options Buy one item or buy them all! Over 50 items to choose from and products start as low as $2.99!  You can shop by Age or Grade!  We’ve done all the hard work. Just click on each below to see the recommended products for each age group.

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