Will Your Child Be a Casualty of a Broken Education System?

Will Your Child Be a Casualty of a Broken Education System?

Researchers have found that for kids to learn concepts (especially scientific ones) well, they must confront their preconceptions of how the universe works, compare these with what they glean from books, and then discuss differences among themselves and with teachers.

Often, however, school textbooks don’t allow for such analysis or reflection, and instead, simply present vague statements.

Here’s what happens as a result…

  • 68% of 8th graders can’t read at grade level, and most will never catch up
  • 1.2 million students drop out of high school every year
  • 44% of dropouts under age 24 are jobless

These are frightening statistics for a parent to see.

Every day, you watch your child come home from school with a mountain of homework. They spend hours doing the work, but it’s all “teaching to the test” – they repeat, and they memorize, but they don’t learn, and they definitely don’t understand.

Dear Fellow Parent,

My name is Elva O’Sullivan, and I’m the proud mother of Loghlen, age 14, Luke, age 12, and Leah, age 11. I’m also a Chemistry PhD, and my husband Scott Rickard is a professor of Mathematics. We both love our children, (what parent doesn’t?) and have made it a mission to share with others our passion for science and learning.

Why, you ask?

Because it’s important.

Now, as you know, children don’t come with instruction manuals. We were as lost as any parents are with their first child. When, at the age of 3, Loghlen would say “play with me, play with me”, I didn’t know what to do – after all, I’m a chemist!

So I made up little experiments to do with my son, and he loved them. Soon, his pleas of “play with me, play with me” changed to “science with me, science with me!”

One day, a mother at my son’s Montessori school overheard my son asking for experiments. She asked what that was about, I explained the whole thing, and she asked if I would be interested in teaching an after-school science program.

All of the parents were looking for fun science activities to do with their children at home – experiments that the kids could do themselves, and activities to get them thinking. Except that their options seemed limited and dumbed-down. Face it, how many baking soda volcanoes can you make?

I was excited, and naturally, said that I would do it!

Then I went home, and talked it over with my husband. He asked me when I was going to find the time, and I realized that I didn’t have the time to do this; I was involved with another project at that point in my life, and there was already too much on my plate.

So, the next day, I told the other mother that I wouldn’t be able to do it after all.

But, it was too late…

35 Parents Had Already Signed Up!

That’s right – she told me that 35 parents had already signed up, and that I just had to do it. I told her that I was sorry, but I just couldn’t – I didn’t have the time.

She said I was crazy. And I don’t blame her. In just one day, 35 parents had each paid $200 for me to teach the program – how could I walk away from it?

Well, I actually did walk away from it, but I couldn’t sleep that night, and the next day I went back to her and said that I would do it.

My husband agreed to help me with it, and we were off to the races. As teachers and scientists, my husband and I loved the idea of putting our professional skills to work for a new audience. And as parents, we jumped at the challenge of developing a sophisticated science program for elementary-school aged children.

We decided not to hold back and over-simplify the program.

Children are used to extracting knowledge and making their own sense out of what they see and hear. As parents and educators, it’s not our job to say that a child is too young to understand something. This became the principal philosophy of ScienceWithMe!® – the premise that kids, when put in the right environment and asked the right questions, are smart enough to figure things out for themselves.

We developed a program that mentally stretches kids, builds scientific confidence, and – most importantly – gets kids excited about science at an early age.

We piloted ScienceWithMe!® in 2003 at the Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart in Princeton, New Jersey. The experiment was a success; and the program’s number one customers – the kids – loved it!

We Opened The Program To The Public, But With A Twist…

science for kids introduction to animals

Unlike other science programs for children, the kids were the lead scientists, and the adults were the assistants. Pretty cool, right?

The program was incredibly successful – the kids learned about science, and actually enjoyed learning about science as well. The parents had a great time, too, as they loved seeing their kids get so excited about science!

That’s when we realized that we had a winning idea on our hands.

We wanted to share it with as many parents as possible, but we couldn’t do it in the form of a classroom program – we didn’t want to navigate the bureaucracy of the educational system, and either way, there are only two of us, and way more frustrated kids and parents out there than we could teach.

There weren’t any entertaining and age-appropriate animations about science for kids, and we realized that we could turn our successful program into a series of such animations. That’s how the ScienceWithMe!® series was born.

Introducing the ScienceWithMe!® Products

We developed the ScienceWithMe!® Products to teach science to children, and to get them comfortable with scientific vocabulary, without boring them to tears, or turning them off to science for life. We offer over a dozen Collections that teach key scientific concepts, each with an Animation, Story Book, Coloring Book and Song!

You see, one of the greatest things we can teach our children is to really enjoy learning.

And, we’ve found science to be a great medium to do just that. Children are inquisitive explorers by nature and science offers a lot to explore. And, because much of science is hands-on, it appeals readily to most children. Nothing makes a child sit up and take notice like a great science presentation. Especially when it’s with a ScienceWithMe!® one!

Science can rev up a love for learning that will spill over into other subjects!

By ordering with us today, your child can receive ALL of our wonderful ScienceWithMe!® Collections which include beautifully illustrated Sing-A-long Storybooks & Coloring Books, catchy Animations & Songs in addition to eBooks & Comic Books covering a wide range of topics. We’ll also provide fun science experiments you can do at home with your kids! And there’s our engaging Mr Heisen-Bear® iPad Apps! These Interactive story-based audio-visual e-coloring books show us how Mr. Heisen-Bear® and Al-Bear Einstein, two cartoon bears, work together to solve Mr. Heisen-Bear’s® every day problems using the scientific method and other easy-to-understand scientific concepts.

The ScienceWithMe!® Collections!

Serious Science/Fun Approach!

Each collection includes a captivating Animation with an accompanying Sing-A-long Storybook, Coloring Book & Song. All topics are taught in a fun, entertaining format through music, rhymes, and repetition.

An Introduction to the 5 Senses – Interested in learning about the body’s senses? Have your kids learn how we hear, see, smell, taste, and touch with this wonderful and classic 5 Senses Collection, which includes the 5 Senses Sing-A-long Storybook, the 5 Senses Song, the 5 Senses Animation and the 5 Senses Sing Coloring Book. They can all be found here: www.sciencewithme.com/5sensescollection

An Introduction to the Joints – How does the knee work? What makes your elbow bend? A little boy learns how his joints prevent him from becoming a lump of jelly. Your children will laugh as they learn about bones, ligaments and muscles with our Introduction to the Joints Collection, which includes the Joints Sing-A-long Storybook, the Joints Song, the Joints Animation and the Joints Coloring Book. They can all be found here: www.sciencewithme.com/jointscollection

An Introduction to the Human Skeleton – Learn all about the human skeleton with the very friendly “Stanley the Skeleton”. This is not just for Halloween, and is actually a ScienceWithMe!® favorite all year round. Watch as your kids’ light up and squeal with delight “Play it again Stanley!” over and over! Our Human Skeleton Collection includes the Human SkeletonSing-A-long Storybook, the Human Skeleton Song, the Human Skeleton Animation and the Human SkeletonColoring Book. They can all be found here: www.sciencewithme.com/humanskeletoncollection

science activities

An Introduction to the Honey Bee – Two rapper Honey Bee’s, Herman and Fred, sing and rhyme about life as a Honey Bee. Learn about the Honey Bee’s Life Cycle, their anatomy and how bees make honey. This is a colorful, cool and engaging activity for children. The Honey Bee Collection includes the Honey Bee Sing-A-long Storybook, the Honey Bee Song, the Honey Bee Animation and the Honey Bee Coloring Book. They can all be found here: www.sciencewithme.com/honeybeecollection

An Introduction to the Earthworm – Esther the Earthworm is nearly “worm-napped” by two mischievous boys who attempt to capture her and put her in a jam jar! Yikes! As Esther tries to escape she tells us all about her wormy body parts and the role of earthworms in soil irrigation. Find out what happens to Esther! The Earthworm Collection includes the Earthworm Sing-A-long Storybook, the Earthworm Song, the Earthworm Animation and the Earthworm Coloring Book. They can all be found here: www.sciencewithme.com/earthwormcollection

An Introduction to the Life Cycle of the Butterfly – This beautiful animation teaches children about the entire inspiring life cycle of the butterfly though a magical story about Flutter. A classic! The Life Cycle of the Butterfly Collection includes the Butterfly Storybook, the Butterfly Song, the Butterfly Animation and the Butterfly Coloring Book. They can all be found here: www.sciencewithme.com/butterflycollection

An Introduction to How a Steam Engine Works - A steam engine explains how he converts fuel and water into steam and then into different types of energy. There are different kinds of energy? Let this little steam engine teach your kids all about potential energy, heat energy, chemical energy and kinetic energy. Little boys (and girls) who like trains will absolutely love this ScienceWithMe!® Collection which includes the Steam Engine Storybook, the Steam Engine Song, the Steam Engine Animation and the Steam Engine Coloring Book. They full collection can be found here: www.sciencewithme.com/steamengincecollection

An Introduction to the SI Units of Measure – How do we measure stuff like length or heat? How did we decide that weight should be kilograms? Or that time should be measured in seconds? A wise old king tells his subjects how he has decided to have a “uniform system” of measurement (SI Units) so everybody is on the same page! What a clever king! The SI Units Collection includes the SI Units Storybook, the SI Units Song, the SI Units Animation and the SI Units Coloring Book. They full collection can be found here: www.sciencewithme.com/siunitscollection

An Introduction to the Human Heart – The heart himself shows us how he works! It’s really lively and entertaining so kids won’t even realize they are learning about a complex subject. They’ll be ready to go to med school after this – a perfect introduction to the human heart for young children and middle-schoolers too! The Heart Collection includes the Heart Storybook, the Heart Song, the Heart Animation and the Heart Coloring Book. They can all be found here: www.sciencewithme.com/humanheartcollection

An Introduction to the Skin – This entertaining creation from ScienceWithMe!® teaches kids about the body’s largest organ…the skin! A young scientist learns about his three layers of skin and how they keep everything together! The Skin Collection includes the Skin Storybook, the Skin Song, the Skin Animation and the Skin Coloring Book can be found here: www.sciencewithme.com/skincollection

An Introduction to the Ear – A little boy explains the physics of sound. How we hear is definitely not as boring as it sounds! Another fun creation by ScienceWithMe!® After kids watch this animation they’ll know what is really happening to their ears when Mom or Dad tells them “it’s time for bed!” The Ear Collection includes the Ear Storybook, the Ear Song, the Ear Animation and the Ear Coloring Book can be found here: www.sciencewithme.com/earcollection

An Introduction to the Eye – When little sister’s eye gets banged up during a soccer game, a trip to the hospital becomes an easy and engaging learning exercise… with the blink of an eye, your kids will know how their eyes work! The Eye Collection includes the Eye Storybook, the Eye Song, the Eye Animation and the Eye Coloring Book. It can be found here: www.sciencewithme.com/eyecollection

An Introduction to the Respiratory System – Lord Glucose, Lady Oxygen and their three kids, Water, Carbon Dioxide and Energy proudly explain their contribution to human respiration. Lord Glucose, who goes to great lengths to point how important he is, also explains how he (Glucose) is made when we eat food and then turned into energy! The Respiratory System Collection includes the Respiratory System Storybook, the Respiratory System Song, the Respiratory System Animation and the Respiratory System Coloring Book. They can be found here: www.sciencewithme.com/respiratorysystemcollection

An Introduction to the Blood – Using bright colors, amazing illustrations, zany animations and simple explanations, your kids will learn about a complex and important subject… The Blood! Your kids will be so engaged watching this animation they won’t even realize they are learning about their blood! They’ll be sounding like a medical doctor in no time! The Blood Collection includes the Blood Storybook, the Blood Song, the Blood Animation and the Blood Coloring Book. It can be found here: www.sciencewithme.com/bloodcollection

It’s easy and fun for your child to navigate through the activities, have a blast learning and playing, while you support them along the way.

ScienceWithMe!® eBooks & Comic Books

Beautifully illustrated and richly informative, the ScienceWithMe!® eBooks cover a wide range of fascinating topics including The Human Body, Astronomy, Earth Sciences, Plants, Animals, Chemistry and Physics, as well as 2 eBooks full of fun science experiments you can do at home with your kids!

ScienceWithMe!® iPad Apps

Interactive story-based audio-visual e-coloring books! Mr. Heisen-Bear® and Al-Bear Einstein, two cartoon bears, work together to solve Mr. Heisen-Bear’s® every day problems using the scientific method and other scientific concepts.

Over a dozen Collections, nine eBooks and two iPad Apps for your child to enjoy.

All of the content is designed to be supplementary, and accessible to kids at all ages. I started developing the material when Loghlen was 3 and it appealed to him then. He is now 14 and it still appeals to him as he still learns!

What Parents and Children Are Saying

Here are some of things preschoolers are saying about ScienceWithMe!®

“Thanks so much! My kids have watched the animations all morning!”
– Martha King, Aurora, Colorado

“Awesome animations!!!!! My preschooler loves them.”
– Kerri Yatsevich, East Hampstead, New Hampshire

“Thank you for a wonderful science bundle!”
-Lisa Sawtelle, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Here are some of things homeschoolers are saying about ScienceWithMe!®

“I’m a homeschooling mom of 2 and I really appreciate your site. My kids enjoy watching the animations and I really like using the worksheets as part of our curriculum. Thank you for your efforts!”
– Leda Peterson, Austin, Texas

“Hello as you can tell I am new to the home tutoring with my 2 children. I was reviewing your products and wanted to tell you all what a wonderful job you have done. Thank You!”
– Dawn Beard, San Diego, California

“I just wanted to say thank you for making so much free! It is a HUGE blessing for our family’s strict budget! Thanks again.”
– Natalie Johnson, Rockford, Illinois

“Dear Elva, You give excellent stuff for kids and you do a fantastic job. Carry on! MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND GIVE YOU A LOT OF HAPPINESS IN ALL YOUR LIFE. I found your site by searching on the net. I am really very happy. Thank a lot. Take care of yourself. Your well-wisher.”
– Heather Payne, Wichita, Kansas

Here are some of things parents are saying about ScienceWithMe!®

“ScienceWithMe!® provides great exposure to scientific terms and concepts that they will hear in later years. It has helped my kids (ages 5 and 7) become much more comfortable with science. They don’t fear it at all. Thank you ScienceWithMe!®”
– Toni Dedrick, Montgomery, New Jersey

“Your web site is an excellent educational resource. My girls really enjoy watching your animations over and over again. I believe early exposure to science in such a fun and friendly way will alleviate any future fear of science for them. Thank You ScienceWithMe!®”
– Teresa Weller, Hamilton, New Jersey

“Thank you very much for the great e-book! My 7 year old devours science and has viewed most of the things on your site. Keep up the great work. This is a wonderful educational resource with appeal to right-brained visual learners. I will be recommending it to other homeschoolers on a list or two.”
– Velma Mayfield, State College, Pennsylvania

“Thank you for this amazing web site. I am a chemist, finished my Master degree in Slovakia and I remember how much I loved studying chemistry. Your web site brings back memories and the way I wanted to teach my son measuring and so much more…..”Thank you and I am glad that I found your web site.”
– Ladia Siozios, Slovakia

“Hi Elva: The worksheets were great.  They allowed my little one to have a greater understanding of the eye and to successfully complete the assignment.  In addition we moved from the point of fear to excitement simply because coloring was involved.  The animations and music that went with the topics have been also a hit with both of the kids and they will be frequent visitors as you have made the subject come alive and interesting for them.  Prior to this they thought it boring and useless.  THANKS for saving the day.”
– Paula Cobourne, U.K.

“Great resource! My son can’t wait to watch your animations each day. www.sciencewithme.com is our homepage!”
– J. Molnar, Yardley, Pennsylvania

Here are some of things teachers are saying about ScienceWithMe!®

“Thank you Science With Me!® As a teacher who is constantly searching for new material, your site is a real life-saver. Keep up the great work.”
– Mr. Jones, Muscatine, Iowa

“Hi Elva, I am a special needs education assistant (level 3) and have been for sixteen years.  I am currently studying my bachelor of education degree externally and am in my third year.  However, at school, I have to teach a special needs group, with autism and some are students at educational risk. Often I have to modify the lessons to suit my students and I your materials help me a lot. Many thanks
– Sharon Wilson

“Being a Science teacher and a mom I find this site an awesome tool to teach science to my kid and to create more interest in the subject. He just loves the Bee Song and it’s an amazing video indeed, so also is Stanley the Skeleton. Kudos to your wonderful job.”
– Devi Bala Chandrasekar, Princeton, New Jersey

“I think your materials are wonderful and so useful.  As a teacher I love materials that are built like yours where the student can learn in such a fun way.”
– Mary Lou Suckling, Salem, Oregon

Here are some of things CLIL Educators are saying about ScienceWithMe!®

“Dear Elva, I remember how excited I was when I first stumbled across your website. I work as a teacher trainer in Germany in a field that has been growing across Europe. We call it CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning). We have come to realize that teaching subject content through foreign languages (in our case it’s mostly English) has a lot of benefits over traditional approaches to science or language teaching. The combination of higher order thinking skills, authentic and challenging input along with rich opportunities to talk and interact seems to be really brain-friendly and, we believe, helps children learn better and faster. I am not sure if you have considered your website from that angle, but believe me, it is a treasure trove for CLIL teachers who often have a hard time finding suitable materials at a level of authentic language that primary kids can handle. Keep up the great work – and thanks for creating such an amazing site.” From Oliver
– Oliver Meyer –Germany

“Hi Elva, I get your information through my e-mail and I just love it. I am a Science teacher in a public school in Madrid. I love your posts. At the moment I’m working on a CLIL project. We teach English as a second language through contents of Science. I really like it! My friend and I have a blog called “CLIL For Success” where we try to inform about our studies and projects in Madrid. Hope you have time to take a look at it and give me your opinion or ideas. Thanks!“
– Annie Paez –Madrid


Level 1 – the Microscope!

Grab any individual items (we have over 50 items to choose from! Ranging from $1.29 to $5.99), simply add the items to your cart and checkout when ready! This is a great way to get your feet wet and try out a few units with your children. Mix and match as you please, you can always come back for more!


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When you’re ready to look a little further out into the science universe, we give you this package. It gives you access to the ScienceWithMe!® Mega-Bundle, where students get access to all our ScienceWithMe!® collections and will learn about the ear, the eye, the heart, the skeleton, joints, blood, the life cycle of the butterfly, different forms of energy, scientific units and so much more!

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It’s science and the — entire Universe — at your fingertips!


(Note: teachers who purchase a license can use these with their entire class, but entire schools, school boards or school districts require an institutional license – so please contact us for further details).

Our “Happy Child” Guarantee

We know from experience that your kids are going to love our activities, and that you’re going to love watching them learn, in the process. You’ll find that our methods of teaching foster excellent thinking skills. In fact, the very basis of science is a system of thought and experiment called the scientific method. It’s where you start with an idea, create a concrete way to prove or disprove your idea, and objectively show what you learned.

Learning to follow this will help your child think logically. How, you ask? By seeing the relationship between empirical evidence and theory. These important thinking skills can be applied in many areas of study as well — especially as they grow older.

Giving a child practice with such thinking skills is like giving vitamins to a developing mind.

Now, if you’re anything less than thrilled with your child’s learning and enjoyment from the ScienceWithMe!® Activities, then just email us and let us know within 30 days of your purchase. We’ll refund your money, with no problems, and no questions asked.

When using any one of our levels, though, you can expect these benefits:

– Your child will build smarter communication skills.

– Your child will develop patience and perseverance.

– Your child will form a healthy dose of skepticism.

– Your child will be taught about the world around them.

– Your child will begin solving the world’s biggest problems.

And, much more!

The benefits of learning about science for young kids are enormous. It can teach children to form their own opinions, rather than taking those of others for granted. As we prepare the next generation of consumers, voters, creators, researchers, and policy makers it is critical to ensure they are not only comfortable, but adept in science.

So, what are you waiting for? Get one of our special levels and embrace the learning adventure with your own little budding scientist.

If you want to see how excited your child will be with the ScienceWithMe!® activities, then get any of the above three levels today to get started!

We’re thrilled to contribute to your child’s science education!

Best regards,

Dr. Elva O’Sullivan and Dr. Scott Rickard

Founders of ScienceWithMe!®

P.S. At the end of the day, you’re parents, and so are we. You want the best for your children, and so do we. Give us a chance to prove it to you. Get any of the three levels with the ScienceWithMe!® brand – and we promise your child will thank you!

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